Karlheinz Essl und Edelbert Köb (Kurator) in der Max Weiler Ausstellung im Essl Museum, 2010

Max Weiler (1910 – 2001) – The Nature of Painting

Essl Museum, 2010

With 50 canvases, the Essl Collection owns the largest collection of paintings by Max Weiler, who would have turned 100 years in 2010. This constitutes a fitting occasion for the Essl Museum to present the Max Weiler exhibition “The Nature of Painting“. About 70 paintings from his abstract period between 1962 and 1967, which was decisive for his later years, will be on show. The presentation includes artistic pieces owned by the Essl Collection and numerous private and public loans. The paintings will be presented in juxtaposition with Chinese scholars’ rocks, referring to Weiler’s deeply-felt connection with Chinese art and culture. Thus, striking affinities – based on a common cosmological view of the world – are demonstrated across the boundaries of time, culture, and media.

Curator: Edelbert Köb